In a sophisticated near perfect society ‘Schirkoa’, where citizens live with paper bags on their heads to dissolve differences, nomadic free thinkers have developed physical anomalies and are banished to live as refugees in an eerie separate state.

A fresh council member bag-head number 197A accidentally sparks a revolution in Schirkoa and flees to the forbidden refugee land where he is celebrated as a reluctant demigod.

Stranded between the epitome of perfect and imperfect societies, bondage and freedom, 197A seeks to reset his life and begins to search for the architects of Schirkoa with the help of three very different women.

Production Details

Written and directed by Ishan Shukla
Produced by Bich-Quan Tran, Ishan Shukla
Co-Produced by
Stephan Holl, Jean-François Szlapka
Voice Cast
Golshifteh Farahani, Asia Argento, SoKo, King Khan, Denzil Smith, John Sutton, and introducing Shahbaz Sarwar and Tibu Fortes
Additional Voice Cast Gaspar Noe, Piyush Mishra, Lav Diaz
Music by Sneha Khanwalkar
Additional Music King Khan, Saba Lou
Sound Nicolas Titeux
Motion Capture SolidAnim
With the support of CNC Cinemas du Monde, Institut Français, NRW, Epic Games MegaGrant, Reallusion